Saturday, January 2, 2010

Two Parts Wry Observations: The Big Ten goes bowling...

... and doesn't embarass itself?

It would have been nice if Northwestern had pulled out the win vs. Auburn.  Thanks to the big boys in the conference getting it done, it still looked impressive.  Noone expects Northwestern to hang 625 yard against Auburn.
Why was Minnisota in a bowl game?

Once again, Michigan watched the games from their sofas and they still gave up 40 points.  Nice job fellas.

Now to the big boys.  Wisconsin physically dominates Miami in a game that was not as close as the final score.  20-14.  Nice job Bucky Badger.  You still suck.

PSU out-slopped and out-powered LSU 19-17.  That turf was Heinz field embarassing.  It was also fun to watch.

A little love for BHC and the Nittany Lions

Oh yeah, the Buckeyes beat up a bunch of midgets from Oregon.  After three big bowl losses in a row, this one was sweet.  The $6MMm thought that Masoli was going to light OSU up.  Oregon came in cocky and came up short.  Which is a appropriate, because they are short.




Big 10 Football

Sparty plays Texas Tech tonight and Mike Leech won't be there to alledgely lock them in a closet.  Sparty is not one of the big boys.  I want them to win, but it's not important.

Iowa plays Georgia Tech and their tricky triple option.  If Iowa wins this one, the conference will look pretty good for a change.

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  1. It gets a bit tiresome here in Pac-10 Territory hearing how much more athletic the Pac-10 is compared to the Big 10. The Buckeye's win last night was especially sweet.