Friday, January 22, 2010

Two Parts Wry Conference Championship Weekend

All of the truly hated turds have been eliminated.  We'll have to do some math in order to figure out who to hate the most.

Indy vs Jets

The Colts:

-1 because Peyton Manning is in every commercial
+1 because they are good
+1 for this.  Sorry for the quality

-1 For Frank Sanders being overrated and always injured
-3 One for each ligament that Anthony Gonzalez tore while standing still
-1 because Bill Polian is an asshole

Total: -1

The Jets:
+1 for Nick Mangold from THE OSU
-1 Bart Scott, ex-Raven asshole
-4 million for Alan Faneca's salary during his contract year in Pittsburgh.  He phoned it in.  Keep in mind, that when he signed his last deal in Pitt, he was the highest paid guard in the NFL.
+1 for Vernon Gholston, THE OSU
-1 because he's a bust
-7000 for each calorie that Rex Ryan eats daily

Total: -4,007,004

Looks like I hate the Jets more than I realized

Up next, the Starcaps Bowl.  New Orleans vs Minnisota

+1 for Drew Brees making Va Tech look foolish for releasing him and keeping Phillip Rivers.
-1 for that thing on his face.
+1 for Will Smith THE OSU.
+1 for Malcolm Jenkins THE OSU.
-1 Reggie Bush
+1 for Reggis Bush breaking up with Kim Kardashian
-1 for getting back together
-1 for Shockey

Total: 0

+1 for Favre getting it done at 40
-2 for retiring twice
-2 for each time AP single handedly beat me in fantasy football this season.
+1 Antoine Winfield THE OSU
-1 Chilly's Port Stache
+7 for the rub it in touchdown that they hung up on Dallas last week

Total: 4

Looks like were cheering for Colts vs Vikings.  Which is the game that everyone wants to see anyway.

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