Tuesday, December 28, 2010

That's one magic assed glass

... or how a Belgian beer hater had to grudgingly admit that Duvel's pretty good.

This was a Christmas gift from my bother-in-law.  They were along the right track, but I really dislike the yeast in Belgian beers.  It came with the super cool Duvel glass.  I don't know that if the tulip shape is trapping the bad flavors where I can't get to them, or encouraging them to get the hell out of here while the head settles.  Either way.  I approve.

The beer is somewhat light tasting, with some citrus, maltiness, and some yeasty qualities.  It is bottle fermented, and I plan to age my last two bottles for a couple of years to see how it evolves.  It's 8.5% abv. and goes down easy.  Consider yourself forewarned.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Power Rye: Ohio State fans spared from 4th year of one hopping a five yard slant

What's good for the goose...

The Human Turnstyle, TFL, Butter Fingers, "I paid for my tattoos!", and some other guy.
Five Ohio state football players have been suspended for five games next season due to their acceptance of discount tattoo prices, and selling of memorabilia to the same tattoo artist.  For some reason ($), they will be allowed to participate in the Sugar Bowl.  Ohio State will will surely struggle to replace their talent.

  1. Terrell Pryor.  Who will one hop passes to wide open receivers when he's gone?
  2. Boom Herron.  Who will get tackled for a loss every other play when he's gone?
  3. Mike Adams.  Who will give up two sacks a game when he's gone?
  4. Devier Posey.  Who is going to drop three passes a game when he's gone?
  5. Soloman Thomas.  Who is he?
Here's what the dumbasses sold.

Adams must repay $1,000 for selling his 2008 Big Ten championship ring

Herron must repay $1,150 for selling his football jersey, pants and shoes for $1,000 and receiving discounted services worth $150

Posey must repay $1,250 for selling his 2008 Big Ten championship ring for $1,200 and receiving discounted services worth $50

Pryor must repay $2,500 for selling his 2008 Big Ten championship ring, a 2009 Fiesta Bowl sportsmanship award and his 2008 Gold Pants, a gift from the university

Solomon (Thomas) must repay $1,505 for selling his 2008 Big Ten championship ring for $1,000, his 2008 Gold Pants for $350 and receiving discounted services worth $155.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Power Wry: There has to be a hard knocks joke to go with this story...


Do yourself a favor and don't read the swinger web site screen shot at the bottom of the deadspin article.  You have to read it, but you shouldn't.

Suddenly, Rex Ryan's postgame news conference from last week makes more sense.

Q:  Coach, can you talk about the naked bootleg in which Mark Sanchez scored the tying touchdown?

Rex Ryan:  The important thing about a naked play like that is the footwork.  The footwork sells everything.  The entire stadium thought that they had their eye on the ball, you could really see James Harrison go for it.  He thought that he had it in his hands, but we play "look, but no touch".

Q:  The Steelers had a lot of success running the ball against your front seven.  Any concerns for the upcoming weeks and the playoffs?

Rex Ryan:  Those are some big hogs on that line.  Flozell Adams is a size 16 shoe.  Chris Kemoeatu, aka "Big Juicy", very agile for a guy wearing size 14 Reeboks.  The way he moves when he pulls...  Did someone turn up the heat?

Uncomfortable silence filled the room.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Power Wry: Pussy Seahawks fan sues Shaun Ellis

Robert Lawson, who will from this point on be referred to as Susan, is suing New York Jets Nose Tackle Shaun Ellis and the Jets themselves for hitting him with a chunk of snow.  Susan, who still hasn't got over the fact that his team lost by double digits in Super Bowl XL, is suing for past and future medical expenses, past and future loss of earning (his mommy did cut his allowance), partial impairment of earnings and earning capacity (who would hire a pussy like Susan?), mental and physical pain and suffering (It is difficult to accept the fact that you are a giant wuss).  Medical experts are divided on the case.  Is Susan a giant pussy or just a money grubbing douche?  Why not both?

Most people are shocked to find out that there is a football team in Seattle.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ten High Bourbon

I find myself with more bottles than bar space these days.  Time to clear out the almost empties.

Ten high proves the old addage, there are no bad bourbons, just better bourbons.  Smooth bourbon flavor, with a touch of oak, but no complexity. 

At around $12/liter, it's not a bad bourbon.  I find it to be a bit too mellow to stand alone in a manhattan.  Go 50/50 with some rye.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Power Wry BS Rankings and 2010 Bowl Season Preview

The Power Rye is the most accurate ranking of college football available. Each week, I feed all the facts, figures, stats, scores, and a pint of rye whiskey into the Power Rye ranking matrix. Two days later, I pinch off a post.
  1. Auburn (13-0) Defeated South Carolina 56-17.  Auburn is looking forward whooping up on Oregon in the BCS title game, and then vacating the title sometime next summer.
  2. Oregon (12-0) Defeated Oregon St 37-20 in the civil war.  What is the civil war in Oregon, hippies vs beatniks?
  3. Wisconsin (11-1) Plays TCU in the Rose Bowl.  They're the underdog for some stupid reason.  They will destroy TCU by 30.
  4. Ohio State (11-1) plays Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl.  Here's hoping that the stench of one year in Ann Arbor clings to Ryan Mallett long enough for OSU to kick the SEC curse.
  5. Michigan State (11-1) Plays Alabama in the Capital One Bowl.  As a side bet, the losing coach has to smile.  High stakes for Saban and Dantonio.
  6. Stanford (11-1) plays Va Tech in the Orange Bowl.  Soon to be named the giant fraud bowl.
  7. Arkansas (10-2)  Feel free to take the Buckeyes lightly.  Please.
  8. LSU (10-2) plays Texas A&M in the cotton bowl.  One of the ones that you will probably skip, unless you have three TVs.
  9. Oklahoma (11-2) Defeated Nebraska 23-10 plays Connecticut in the Fiesta Bowl.  Check your local listings for something worth watching.
  10. TCU (12-0) Still waiting for their whooping from the badgers.
Other bowls of note:

Outback Bowl: Florida vs. Penn State a.k.a. The Quitter vs The House Guest that won't leave.
Sun Bowl: Notre Dame vs Miami.  20 years past relevancy.

That's it really.  The rest are late night TV filler.