Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Power Wry: There has to be a hard knocks joke to go with this story...

Do yourself a favor and don't read the swinger web site screen shot at the bottom of the deadspin article.  You have to read it, but you shouldn't.

Suddenly, Rex Ryan's postgame news conference from last week makes more sense.

Q:  Coach, can you talk about the naked bootleg in which Mark Sanchez scored the tying touchdown?

Rex Ryan:  The important thing about a naked play like that is the footwork.  The footwork sells everything.  The entire stadium thought that they had their eye on the ball, you could really see James Harrison go for it.  He thought that he had it in his hands, but we play "look, but no touch".

Q:  The Steelers had a lot of success running the ball against your front seven.  Any concerns for the upcoming weeks and the playoffs?

Rex Ryan:  Those are some big hogs on that line.  Flozell Adams is a size 16 shoe.  Chris Kemoeatu, aka "Big Juicy", very agile for a guy wearing size 14 Reeboks.  The way he moves when he pulls...  Did someone turn up the heat?

Uncomfortable silence filled the room.

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