Tuesday, December 28, 2010

That's one magic assed glass

... or how a Belgian beer hater had to grudgingly admit that Duvel's pretty good.

This was a Christmas gift from my bother-in-law.  They were along the right track, but I really dislike the yeast in Belgian beers.  It came with the super cool Duvel glass.  I don't know that if the tulip shape is trapping the bad flavors where I can't get to them, or encouraging them to get the hell out of here while the head settles.  Either way.  I approve.

The beer is somewhat light tasting, with some citrus, maltiness, and some yeasty qualities.  It is bottle fermented, and I plan to age my last two bottles for a couple of years to see how it evolves.  It's 8.5% abv. and goes down easy.  Consider yourself forewarned.

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