Saturday, March 16, 2013

Knappoghue Castle 12 and 14 Irish Whiskey

Knappogue is well known among the so called whiskey intelligentsia.  Which is a euphemism for wino.  The 14 "twin wood" just showed up at my local shop.  The 12 retails in the $40 range, the 14 is around $60.

Knappogue 12:  Viscous, and everyone on the internets states that it has vanilla and toasted marshmallow. I don't disagree.  Thank you bourbon barrels.

Grade: B+

Knappogue 14:  This blends whiskey aged in bourbon barrels with whiskey aged in sherry casks.  It is also 92 proof as opposed to the 12, which is 80 proof.  Tasting it neat, it is good, but the wood dominates.  A little water opens it up revealing apple, pear and citrus notes.  Grade: B++

My cousin David (wife's dad's mom's sister's son) introduced me to Knappogue.  Needless to say, I had to buy two bottles of the 14.