Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I present to you, the next coach of THE Ohio State University

Folks, we don't need the anti-Tressel.  Tressel was one of the greats.  But he came up short in one area.  I give you, the one man, who could out Tressel-Tressel.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Jim Beam Devil's Cut

Well, the rapture was scheduled for this evening, and here I sit, drinking.  Chances are, if you read this blog, you're still here too.  There may have been an exception made for World-Wide-Kev, which is a shame, because he pitches for my softball team and we have a game tomorrow.

I thought that I was going to make it out, but I sealed my fate when I purchased a bottle of Devil's Cut yesterday.  For those of you who are uninitiated in whiskey slang.  The whiskey that evaporates during the aging process is called the angel's share.  The Beam folks have found a way to pull out the whiskey that is absorbed into the barrel, and they blend it with normal Jim Beam.  It all sounds like a bunch of marketing jiggety-pokety-whosie-whatsie-hommina-hommina-bull-shit.™

It turns out that this is indeed a better Beam.  Not leaps and bound better, but it's pretty good.  It has a bit more oak, and a bit more spice.

So, did anyone get raptured?