Monday, January 11, 2010

Köstritzer Schweizbier

Label Stuff:  According to German Purity Law.  I've been trying to avoid this topic for a while.  Maybe I've just watched too mutch history channel, and for the record, I have some german ancestors.  Having said all that.  Doesn't the phrase "German Purity Law" make you a bit nervous.  The German word is "Reinheitsgebot".  Which can also be translated as "Bavarian Purity Law".  I'd go with that.  Most Americans are too dumb to know that Bavaria and Germany are pretty much the same thing.  Now that I've alienated the Germans, what's on the rest of the label?

"The black beer with the blonde soul" is a famous speciality that is produced by a small brewery in Thuringia, Germany.  Even Goethe - Germany's most celebrated poet - appreciated the traditional Köstritzer black pilsner.

I guess that this Goethe.  As the story goes.  When is was ill, he survived by drinking only the black beer.  Atta-boy.

How does it taste?  It's malty, in a way that I have identified as "continental european".  Their beers tend to have a malt sweetness that is not found in most american beers.  This beers pretty good.  It's not too sweet and has a light bitter aftertaste.

Cost: Mix & Match 6 pack
Grade: B

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