Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Many Drafts from the Cultural Hub of the Midwest

Two Brothers Cane and Ebel
Web Stuff: This unique red rye beer is full of hop flavor and aroma. We add 70 pounds of Thai palm sugar to each batch. The sugar does not add much sweetness to the beer, but rather a fruity and vanilla-like flavor. A new hop variety call Summit is really showcased here. This 18% alpha hop is also very aromatic which gives a pungent citrus aroma. Then we heavily dryhopped the beer with Simcoe. Original, yes and that is no sin.

I originally tried this beer a few months ago and thought that it was too sweet.  It was my first beer of the night tonight and I was impressed at my first sip.  It is really fruity.  Unfortunately, the hops are way to strong and you get a really bitter aftertaste.  $6MMm used to love this beer.  He thought that it was too bitter tonight.  I actually like this batch better than the first one that I had tasted.  This is a craft brew lesson.  It's not Budweiser.  It may taste different from batch to batch.

Grade: B-

Barley's MacLenny's Scottish Ale a slightly malty, butterscotch colored ale. We carmelize the malt at the beginning of the brewing process, producing toffee-like undertones.

This beer is pretty much as described.  It's sweet, somewhat malty, but not to far out of balance.

Grade: B

Darkhorse Brewery Tres Blueberry Stout:  Quite the abomination.  $6MMm thinks that it tastes like coffee grounds.  I don't remember WWK's exact words, but they were not positive.  I thought that it was smokey like a shitty porter, with a slight blueberry aftertaste that I would have never noticed if I did not know that the beer had blueberries in it.  I know some people that like this type of beer. I'm not one of them.

Grade: D

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