Tuesday, January 26, 2010

C-Buzzed: BJ's Brewhouse

This is a chain of "micro" breweries.  Columbus' restaurant is located up on Polaris Parkway.  Which is where I work.  Also located in the area is Babies R Us.  I had to meet Mrs. Rye there to attend an info session about car seats and strollers.  Nothing says child car safety like stopping by the pub for a pint.

This actually turned into 2 1/2.  Mrs. Rye called as I was finishing my dinner and told me that the class was at 6:30, not 6:00 after all.  Which led to Mrs. Rye having to shush me for heckling the demo guy.

Demo Guy: This model has the crumple bar, which protects your baby by.. uh... crumpling.
Me: Pbbptt!

I can recommend their open faced meatloaf sandwich for good pub grub.

BJ's annual grand cru:  One definition of insanity is that you keep doing the same thing and expect different results.  For some reason, I keep trying different belgian style ales.  This one was somewhat drinkable, with orange and other citrus notes helping to make up for the general stomach acid flavor of the style.
Grade: C

Tempest IPA:  An ok IPA
Grade: B-

I finished it off with a Guiness, because I wanted a light beer.

Fun BJ's brewhouse fact.  All of the non-Ohio restaurants brew their beer on site.  Ohio's liquor laws are such a pain in the ass that our beers are brewed in Reno, which has the capacity to double their output, and shipped here 3 days after being kegged.

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