Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tales from the top shelf: Po Traminer di Poli

I don't like grappa.  Why would anyone like it?  It's made from the by-products of wine production, (stems, skins, seeds, etc) creating the liquor equivalent of razor burn.  For some reason, I decided to pick up this artisanal grappa and man, I have to reassess everything that I thought I knew about grappa.

I've had a couple of decent grappas from Clear Creek Distillery, but they still had a harsh edge in the background.  Not so for the Poli.  This particular grappa is made from the traminer, (aka gewürztraminer).  It's light, slightly sweet, with hints of fresh herbs like mint and green tea.  It's really delicious.  One of the best spirits in my collection.

Cost: $56.85
Grade: A
Cost Adjusted Grade: A

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