Sunday, February 14, 2010

Is that a bottle of tequila or are you happy to see me?

Web stuff:  Ricardo Gamarra, founder of AsomBroso tequila, searched far and wide for a unique bottle that might equal the exquisite tequila he wanted to bring to market. When he came across a crystal decanter in an 18th century English castle, Ricardo was smitten and paid $2,200 for the antique. The bottle featured a delicate hand-crafted Millefiore "Thousand Flowers" design where the thick base sprouts tiny glass flowers inside the bottle. Ricardo then searched far and wide for a glass manufacturer that could replicate this beautiful design for his AsomBroso tequila.

Though he couldn't find a company to fulfill his dream exactly, he found a glass bottle producer in Mexico that could match the dimensions and appearance of the bottle with hand-made bottles featuring a deep punt. "It's a very complicated bottle," Ricardo explains.

AsomBroso bottles have a deeply embossed "sun" that contains an AsomBroso capital "A" seal. The La Rosa line, which gets its unique pink color from French Bordeaux wine barrels, features hand-painted stems and flowers directly on the bottle.

Ricardo takes pride in the many special editions that reinforce the elegance of the crystal decanter he found in England. Today, the Millefiore design is most accurately replicated by an Italian glass manufacturer in the AsomBroso limited edition bottle for the double-barrell aged Del Porto.

I have no review:  I did not buy this tequila, but I know comedy gold when it's staring me in the face like morning wood.  Or I should say morning crystal?  Ricardo must have been surrounded by yes men. Seriously, didn't anyone tell him that his bottle looks like a giant cock?

It was named top tequila at the 2008 San Francisco world spirit competition.  There's a shocker.

I think that they need some new slogans:
  • Favored by one-eyed sailors everywhere
  • Mexico's #1 headache cure
  • Hold on tight, you're in for a bumpy ride.
Any suggestions?

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