Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chateau Greysac

A much better review of this wine can be found here.   I know this guy, and he knows a hell of a lot more about wine than I do.

It's an odd thing.  I crave balance in the beer that I drink, but when it comes to red wine, I like them to err on the fruity side.  This wine is very well balanced, but I doesn't work for me.  It's still a little tight.  I bought four bottles and I'm going to let the other 3 lay down for a few years and see how it goes.

How would Two Parts Rye review this wine?  I went to Tijuana during college spring break and came home with a raging case of Chateau Greysac.  A shot of penicillin cleared it up.

I'm not going to grade it because I think that it still needs a few years of aging.  Wine Enclave called it approachable, which I translate to C+ to B-.

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