Thursday, February 4, 2010

Drafts from the Cultural Hub of the Midwest: Back from the Dead Edition

I got hit by a bout of stomach flu/food poisoning over the weekend.  I have not had a drink in several days, that of itself should tell you how crappy I have felt.  Ale Fest is coming up this weekend.  I headed out to Bob's to see if I'm going to be up to the challenge.

The beer of the week is Columbus Brewing Companies Creeper.  It's February's beer from their "2010 a Hop Odessey".  This beer is a barley wine style beer with a ton of hops.  The only thing tht it has in common with your typical barley wine, is that it's high in alcohol content.  It's blonde in color and the hop aroma floats in the air above the beer.  I found the hops to be musty and kind of funky.  Maybe the stored the hops on mothballs.
Grade: C-

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