Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What in the world is...Tuaca

What in the world is Tuaca?  It's a sugary orange liqueur that in a naive, younger time of my life, I was tricked into buying by sexy radio commercials.  I've had this bottle for over 10 years.  Tonight we kill the last shot.

Web stuff:  Tuaca is a brandy based liqueur inspired by the Renaissance period of the 16th century.  According to legend, it was created for Lorenzo the magnificent, ruler of Florence, Italy.  Lorenzo was a well-known patron of the arts, supporting Michael Angelo, Da Vinci, and Bottecelli.

From left to Right.  Da Vinci, Lorenzo the Magnificent, and Bottecelli.
I'll leave it to your imagination to decide how he supports Michael Angelo.
Hint, it's in his pants.

In 1838, brothers-in-law Gaetano Tuoni and Giorgio Canepa took inspiration from the Renaissance-era recipe and crafted their version of the liqueur.  Gaetono and Giorgio drived the brand name from their own surnames and called it 'Tuoca', which evolved over time.  Tuaca was first exported to America in the 1950's after American servicemen were introduced to the brand in Livorno, Italy where it is still made today.

Cost: $26.70
Grade: B  (It's sweet triple sec)
Cost Adjusted Grade: C

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