Monday, December 7, 2009

The session #34: Stumbling Home Roundup

Thanks to everyone who contributed.  I feel that Friday is a state of mind and I will accept late entries if anyone else wishes to contribute.

K dub at gives us quite a treatise on the art of stumbling home. 

Family life has hindered Jay at Brookston Beer Bulletin's bar life.  He gives a history of his favorite bars from various points in his life.

The Beer Nut tout's Dublin Ireland's best bar for craft beer, The Bull & Castle.  Part of the fun of this subject is that I'm finding good bars from all around the globe.

A post from Pac-10 country.  Mario from Brewed For Thought took the transportation aspect of the session to heart.  He bussed to the "Toad in the Hole" in Santa Rosa, CA.  They serve cask conditioned ales that sound quite tasty.

Erik from Top Femented recognizes that stumbling home is not that great of an idea.  He gives us a tale from his Boston  where he drank many yards of cider and only made it home with the support of the many lampposts along the route.

Devoid from Beer Taster tells a couple of tales, one from the past when small town canadian law enforcement was a bit more understanding.  Fast forward to modern times, drinking and walking can be a challenge as well.

Baltimore Man from A beer in hand is worth two in the fridge tells about Mike McGovern's Irish pub which sounds like a great family/neighborhood establishment.

Jimmy from Hop Wild takes the transportation angle as a challenge.  Sadly, he finds that all the establishments within walking distance of home in North Carolina don't cut the mustard.  Somebody please build this man a decent pub.

Jon from the Brew Site does not have a place that he calls his regular watering hole.  He usually drinks from home or at nearby friends homes.  However, there was that one time...  Be sure to check out the comments section to see what his wife has to say about that one time.

Peter at Better Beer Blog tends to skip stumbling and go straight to crawling.  Atta-boy.  He lives in SF now, but tells us of a bar from his younger days in San Jose.

Alan from a Good Beer Blog was not too impressed with the topic as it has nothing to do with craft beer.  He has posted for every session and shares a series of poems about a passed out friend who was saved by a savory snack.  I disagree with the lack of connection to craft beer.  To prove my point I have crafted two bad haiku's on the subject.

Mrs Rye says you
are drunk.  How many beers did
You have? I say threve.

Craft beer is full of
alcohol.  Makes me crash bike.
Too many ouchies.

Daniel of Endosymbiosis has access to many great bars and microbreweries Kalamazoo.  He instead sings the praises of bars that don't cater to the craft beer drinking, but serve good beer anyway.

I would have never had found this one if it wasn't for google analytics.  Thinking brew talks about some activity in Raleigh

Finally,  Derrick, OSU alum and current Bay Area Beer Runner tells us about a restaurant/brew pub that he visits with his kids.  I can't do this one justice, so please hit the link and read on.

Geistbeer tells us of a place in flagstaff that is like home.

Thanks again everyone.  Who's got #35?

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