Saturday, December 19, 2009

Two Parts Rye: House Bourbon Challenge McAfee's Benchmark

This isn't really part of the challenge.  This bourbon was bought for a purpose.  Instead of the artificial, glow in the dark, sugar bomb, not really a cherry, marischino cherries that you buy in the grocery store, I prefer to rehydrate dried cherries in bourbon and use those in my Manhattan. 

It's the holidays, so I was looking for something inexpensive, but palatable.  I've never had Benchmark before.  It's label says that it is made by Buffalo Trace.  It can't be too bad.  Can it?

It has a more rye in it than the Trace, which gives it a bit more bite.  It also tastes thinner.  In other words, there's not much else going on flavor wise.  It's not great, but I was not searching for great.  I was searching for adequate.

It makes a piss-poor Manhattan.
Cost: $8.95
Grade: C
Cost Adjusted Grade: B
Manhattan Grade: D


  1. This is a underated bourbon, for the cost I find it quite enjoyable. RP

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  3. It's not too bad straight. A little thin for my taste, but for $9, it is a bargain. I was surprised at how poorly it tasted when I made a Manhattan. I thought that the bitterness would work well, but when mixed with Vermouth, it just tasted watery. It worked when I did a 50/50 mix with Old Overholt. Thanks for your comment.

  4. The bottle looks like the Ancient Age standard. Maybe it's the same juice inside..