Monday, December 28, 2009

Two Parts Wry Observations: Ravens at Steelers


The Steelers are still alive, but just barely.  They got a lot of help from the Ravens yesterday as they collectively shot themselves in the leg. AKA, pulled at Plaxico.

They need two of these 3 things to happen.  Raiders beat the Ravens (Won't happen).  Bengals beat the Jets (Look for the Bengals to rest their starters.  Therefore, not gonna happen.)  New England beats Houston.  (See Bengals vs Jets.)  This is what happens when you lose to the Browns, Raiders, and Chiefs.

Special thanks to the Colts for being a bunch of quitters.  You are undefeated, winning the game, and pull your starters.  A gutless move that will result in watching the Super Bowl from home again for the Colts.

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