Monday, December 28, 2009

Goose Island Summertime

Yes, it's the end of December, and as I type, it's snowing.  I'm sure that you will understand if I'm in the mood to say that Id rather be at a place called Goose Island.  For my imaginary purposes, Goose Island is a tropical paradise in the South Pacific.   Therefore, it's summer there.

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Brewmasters Notes:  The color of sunshine I remember the sun.  Can't say that I expect to see if for a few months, with a light fruity aroma ahh, the infamous beer fruit rears it's head again and a hint of fruity acidity, Goose Island Summertime is the perfect summer session ale. A Kölsch beer brewed in the traditional German fashion, you’ll find yourself enjoying and savoring each sip of summertime as much as you do those hot summer days and cool summer nights.

Style: German Style Kölsch
Alcohol by Volume: 4.7%
International Bitterness Units: 20
Color: Sunshine
Hops: Mt. Hood, Saaz
Malt: 2 Row, Wheat

What's Kölsch beer?  Kölsch is a local beer speciality, brewed in Cologne, Germany. It is a clear beer with a bright straw-yellow hue, and it has a prominent, but not extreme, hoppiness. It is less bitter than the standard German lager beer, Pilsner. Furthermore, Kölsch is top-fermented at a relatively warm temperature (13 to 21°C, or 55 to 70°F) and then cold-conditioned, or lagered.

How does it really taste Mr. Sunshine?  Disappointing.  It's just another beer.  I expect better from Goose Island.

Cost: $7.99 6 pack
Grade: C
Cost Adjusted Grade: C

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