Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Great Lakes Elliot Ness

The Great Lakes Tour de Beer continues!

TYPE/STYLE: Amber Lager: Created by Anton Dreher of Vienna, Austria, during the mid-19th century.

FOOD COMPLEMENTS: Spicy dishes, pork, pasta and sausage.

BRAND NAME: Named after one of Cleveland's most respected safety directors who frequented the Brewpub's bar during his tenure from 1935-1941 and, according to popular legend, was responsible for the bullet holes in the bar still evident today. Margaret Conway, the mother of owners Patrick and Daniel Conway, worked with Ness as his stenographer.

How does it taste?  It's mostly bitter, with a slight bit of sweetness at the finish.  Nothing floral about these put-hair-on-your-chest hops.

Cost Adjusted Grade: Mix & Match 6 pack
Grade: B-

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