Sunday, December 13, 2009

Two Parts Wry Observations: The Steelers Should Replace James Farrior with James Harrison's 62 year old Mother

Apparently Akron has the dumbest cops on the planet.

Police in Ohio say the mother of Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison has been charged with assault following a brawl at a game-watching party in a community hall.

Akron police say 62-year-old Mildred Harrison was one of three people cited after the fight at a Veterans of Foreign Wars post Thursday.

Police say it's not clear why the party turned violent about 10 p.m., during Cleveland's 13-6 upset of division foe Pittsburgh.

Victims have told police they were pushed, punched and struck with beer bottles.

I'll solve this one for you deputy dog.
  • Steelers and Browns fans hate one another.  Especially in that area.  I grew up there. + Beer
  • Her son plays for the Steelers. + Beer
  • She's cheering for the Steelers in a city that is 40 minutes from Cleveland. + Beer
  • Beer
Keep kicking ass Mildred!

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