Friday, December 11, 2009

Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold

Since were singing the praises of the Great Lakes Brewing Co.  Let's talk about Dortmunder Gold.

Web stuff:

Dortmunder: During the mid-19th century, seven breweries within the city of Dortmund, Germany, began brewing beers in the same manner, resulting in what has come to be known as the "Dortmunder" style.


Because neither malt nor hops dominate this beer, it complements most foods, especially salads, fish and chicken.

How does it taste?  It is well balanced and pairs well with food.  I think that it is slightly salty on it's own.

Cost: $7.99 a six pack
Grade: B
Cost Adjusted Grade: B


  1. Easily one of my favorites from GLBC. I sure do miss it way out here in Japan. I like the blog. (Kinda. Go Blue!)

  2. Glad that you are Kinda enjoying it. Being an OSU alum from the 90's, I do not feel bad for you.

  3. Dortmunder Gold

    It's not made in Germany, I know,

    But give this good lager a go,

    You'll be filled with wonder,

    When tasting Dortmunder,

    Thanks be to Great Lakes Brewing Co.