Tuesday, March 9, 2010

House Rye Challenge: Russell's Reserve 6 yr Rye

Way, way back in the infancy of this blog, I did a house rye challenge.  At the time, I decided to exclude this rye from the challenge, because:
  • It is slightly more expensive
  • It would not been much of a challenge
This is the perfect Manhattan Rye.  This is somewhat ironic because it's made by Wild Turkey, and the base Wild Turkey Rye was the worst rye in the challengeIt's not much more expensive than Sazerac, so I've decided to reopen the rye challenge.  (Spoiler alert, it wins!)

Taste it neat:  It's got some burn at 90 proof.  It almost has an irish whiskey flavor, with the rye giving it some bite.

The Manhattan:  Oh, that's good.  The rye and the vermouth come together and create high-tess perfection.

Cost: Approximately $28.  I'll update with the real price soon.
Grade: B
Manhattan Grade: A


  1. I have heard of it, but have yet to find it in an Ohio Liquor store. There has been a lot of new labels available lately, so hopefully I will get to try it soon.