Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Power Wry: When You're right, you're right

.. and Chad Ocho Cinco was right.

Let's set the stage.  Chad Johnson got mad a shitty Sports Talk Guy Colin Cowherd because he was talking about athletes who don't save their money and he used the Ocho as an example of dumb jocks who piss away a fortune.  This pissed off Chad "8-5" and he went all Twitter on the dude.  The best post was when he said that Cowherd looks like "an extra from the Lord Of The Rings".  I'm no fan of CJ.  I hate the Bengals, and therefore, don't like him.  You gotta admit though, the dude was right.

Who's Colin Cowherd?  Consider yourself lucky.  Your town has more than one sports talk station and you are not stuck with the ESPN feed from 10-2.

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