Monday, March 1, 2010

Wry Slamma Jamma: Why Everyone is Sleeping on Ohio State?

The chart to the right pretty much shows it, and even that it is misleading.  If OSU is playing a mediocre to good team, their starters are playing 35+ minutes.  I've seen several games where the guards and forwards play the full 40, and their center (Lauderdale) plays 35.

The other reason is that the soon to be national player of the year broke is back early in the season.  Amazingly, he only missed 6 games.  That was enough time for OSU to slide out of the to 25, they've come all the way back to 6 in the AP poll, and are poised to win a share of the Big 10 and be the number one seed in the conference tourney..  They'll probably be 3 seed in the big dance, maybe a 2.

The question remains, just how far can you go when you only play 6-7 guys?  We'll see.

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