Sunday, March 21, 2010

Remember, "C" means "Can Drink!"

Otter Creek Solstice
Web Stuff:  Solstice Ale is our eclectic brewers’ interpretation of the perfect session ale.  Masterful use of ingredients and technique results in a flavorful yet very drinkable ale, an ideal choice for all social situations.  7 different malts provide a rich malty flavor and aroma, golden color, and medium body. Willamette, Cascade and Amarillo hops added to the brew kettle impart mild hop flavor and bitterness while a fragrant hop aroma is due to generous dry-hopping with Amarillo hops. 

Review:  Thin, roasted barley flavor with a surprisingly bitter finish.
Grade:  C

Red Hook Copper Hook
Web stuff:  Today is the perfect day to enjoy a cold, crisp pint of Copperhook Ale. This brilliant copper colored ale has distinctive caramel notes and a clean refreshing finish. The light maltiness and pleasant noble hop aroma make it the perfect beer to satisfy all your cravings. Here's to celebrating today.
Review:  Not a lot of flavor.  Nothing bad about it, just nothing special.
Grade:  C

McSorley's Irish Pale Ale:  The very definition of average.
Grade: C

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