Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fever-Tree Tonic

Two Parts Rye now has a new house tonic.  The previous tonic was Q tonic.  Which was the only tonic that I could find that was not made with corn syrup.  It's made with Agave syrup, and it's not at all sweet.  Fever-Tree is made with cane sugar, and it's just right.  It's not fake sweet like Schwepp's or the other mass market tonic waters.  Yet it does have some sweetness.

The only down side is that I have to fight my way over to the West Side to get to Whole Foods, which is the only store in town that has it in stock.

I re-tested Whitley Neill and Rogue Spruce for the house gin challenge, Whitley Neill is still the winner.  The martini portion of the challenge will occur one of these days.  It's difficult to work up the desire to drink 4 martini's.  The sacrifices that I make for my loyal readers.

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