Friday, July 31, 2009

(The Two Parts Rye)² : The House Rye Challenge

There are four house rye's and 2 top shelf rye's available in Columbus. I am excluding the Russell's Reserve 6 year old, because it is just too darned good and deserves it's own review. It's slightly more expensive the the four in the challenge, but you get bang for the buck. The other top shelf rye is ()¹, which violates the fancy bottle/name principle. Blog posts are exempt from the fancy name principle, hence (The Two Parts Rye)². It's actually really good, but $$$. So, it is not a house rye candidate.

What makes a "house rye" a "house rye"? It's like house wine. Good enough, but not too expensive. Perfect for your evening Manhattan.

Who are the contenders? Old Overholt, Jim Beam Rye, Wild Turkey Rye, and Sazerac.

How's this challenge going to work? I'll to a review for each of the contenders, both as a straight whiskey, and in a Manhattan. I'm actually going to have to measure out my ingredients, which goes against every fiber of my being. But, fair's fair.

Next I'll do a head to head to head to head challenge. I'll milk 6-7 posts out of this.

May the most adequate rye win!

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