Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Four Roses by a slightly different name tastes a hell of a lot sweeter

http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/305250.html (Link for the uneducated and/or trivia impared.)
Four Roses Single Barrel

100 proof.
Warehouse No. B5
Barrel N0. 38-6H

The small batch was like getting hit in the mouth with an oak tree. How does this taste? Pretty darned good.

Pamphlet attached to the bottle neck by a leather cowboy bondage strap thingy: Four Roses uses two grain recipes and 5 proprietary yeast strains to distill 10 uniquely different Bourbon recipes, then ages each one individually in new charred white oak barrels. (All bourbon is aged in charred white oak barrels.) Like all Four Roses Bourbons, each recipe is very smooth and mellow with a nice soft finish. (We already know that is bs.)

I have carefully selected one of the 10 recipes for Four Roses Single Barrel. distinctive fruity aromas (there is a whiskey fruit?) an delicate notes of honey (no) and maple syrup (yeah right) as well as spicy hints of cinnamon (yes) and nutmeg (ehh...kinda) - make this Bourbon both remarkable, and truly unforgettable. Each barrel is carefully hand crafted, bottled, and has handwritten label noting the warehouse and the rack location (see above) where the barrel was aged. We hope you enjoy every sip of this rich and robust, yet very smooth and mellow, Single Barrel Bourbon with the long, soft and delicate finish.

Be mellow,
Jim Rudledge
Master Distiller. (I still don't forgive you for the small batch).

No BS tasting note: 5% more alcohol than the small batch, but much more drinkable. It has a sweet cinnamon finish. It is a really good bourbon.

Compare it to the Evan Williams Single Barrel: The Evan Williams has fruit on the front end, with a hard finish. The Four Roses starts hard and finishes sweet.
Price: $37.05
Grade: B+
Cost Adjusted Grade: A-

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