Monday, July 20, 2009

What in the world is... Maraska Sljivovica

The label tells the story, old plum brandy. Slivovitz is the English name.

Where is it from? Croatia. Also, Kosher for Passover. Mazel tov!

What does it taste like? Kind of medicinal. I wouldn't say that it makes me think of plums. A slight, and I do mean slight hint of spearmint in the finish.

The bottle is cool. Around the edge it says that "Federal Law Forbids Sale or Reuse of This Bottle". Once again, the man is keeping us down.

Remind me, why did you buy it? Fond memory of doing shots with an ex-girlfriends father on Christmas Eve. (just in case my wife stumbles across this, I have had this bottle for decades.) He made Tony Soprano look like Mother Teresa (No disrespect). He liked me though. Fellow paisan and Steeler fan. If I am blessed with a daughter, my standards will be higher. Though paisano and Steeler fan is a good start.

80 proof.
Cost: When I bought this in 1975, it was $2. Today it is $25.10
Grade: C

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