Friday, July 10, 2009

Drink what you like

I'm going to list some things that are supposed to be great that I think suck. That doesn't mean that you can't like them, just stop pushing them on the rest of us.

  1. Belgium beer: The yeast makes it taste like when you throw up in your mouth. Without the stomach acid.
  2. Scotch: Someone took a perfectly good Irish whiskey and soaked some old shoes in the barrel. The stuff smells like stinky feet.
  3. Fancy vermouth
Who cares about vermouth. I do, the blog is called two parts rye...

What is vermouth anyway? It's a fortified wine with spices.

Bold statement coming. Gallo is the only drinkable vermouth out there. I have had Martini and Rossi, Noilly Prat, Boissiere and others. They taste like ketchup mixed with cough syrup. Gallo is comparatively light and citrusy, and inexpensive.

But the others have complexity. Bull, it's a mixer.

Soapbox time. My fellow drinkers. Do not be fooled into thinking price equals quality. Leave that to the premium vodka pansies. The vermouth should bring out the rye's subtleties, not overpower them.

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