Monday, July 6, 2009

What in the world is... Cachaça

What is it? It is a spirit distilled from sugar cane.

Isn't that Rum? Rum is usually made from molasses. The bottle does say Brazilian rum. I think that is just their way to get Americans to buy it.

Two for the price of 1 review: Two brands have been available in Ohio. Pitu, which for some strange reason has a crawdad on the label, is the cheap stuff. It's pretty horrid. I had to choke it down with cola and lime. Spend the extra $7 and get Leblon.

Leblon label stuff: A lively fruity nose with a smooth natural finish. (It does have a hint of fruitiness. Theres is no finish to speak of.) Juicy stalks of fresh cane are distilled in Minas Gerais, (next door to Minas Tirith) then lightly aged for two months in vintage cognac casks in Cognac France...

Any coctails? Go to to watch a video of a very tan girl make a caipirinha. I never knew that muddling was so erotic. Yowza!

Pitu: $17.20
Leblon: $29.10 recently reduced to $24.10.Grade: B
Cost Adjusted Grade B

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