Saturday, July 11, 2009

Need to make room on the top shelf

Two new bourbons from Four Roses just showed up this week. The small batch, and the single barrel. We'll try the small batch in this post.

Label stuff: The four original and proprietary Bourbons used to create this small batch Bourbon are expertly selected and mingled by our Master Distiller to reward you with a mellow symphony of sweet, fruity aromas and rich, spicy flavors.

First of all, it's 90 proof. Mellow is not really an option

How does it taste? It's very tannic. Must add a splash of water.

Did it help? Not really. It's better, still tannic. More water.

How about now? Still kinda harsh. Very disappointing.

How 'bout a Manhattan? Still harsh. Wow. Sometimes subtle whiskeys disappoint on the first taste, but reveal themselves later in subsequent drinks. I'll let you know if it redeems itself. It's hard to imagine something with this much tannin revealing any subtlety. Shame on you Master Distiller.

Cost: $29.50
Grade: C
Cost adjusted grade: C-

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