Sunday, July 19, 2009

Founders Brewing Company Cerise

Bottle Stuff: Not much there have to go to the web site.

Cerise 6.5% ABV 15 IBU’S You’ll have a soft spot for this one. Using only fresh Michigan tart cherries, this beauty tantalizes with intense flavors combined with a no hesitation malt bill. (The what? Is that some kind of bird? Just looked it up. The malt bill lists the grains and sugars used in the beer. Otherwise known as the recipe. Apparently this recipe does not hesitate.) Adding fresh cherries at five separate stages of fermentation achieves the ultimate balance between tartness and sweetness.

Do you like it? Yeah. In one way it's like a lambic, a beer that does not taste like beer. It's nice and tart. Lambics are made with open fermenation, which can lead to a more vinegary base flavor. It tastes like sour cherries, so if you like sour cherries, you'll like this beer.

Quick definitions

Geuze: It's a belgiun style of beer made by open fermentation. I often confuse geuze with vinegar.

Open fermentation. Don't add yeast, leave the beer exposed to the air and let nature take it's course.

Lambic: Geuze made with fruit. Actually, pretty good.

Cost: Approximately $10 6 pack.

Grade: B+

Cost Adjusted Grade: B

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