Monday, October 3, 2011

Wry World of Sports: ESPN executives shocked to find out that Hank Williams Jr is just another dumb ass redneck

Earlier today, ESPN executives announced that they are dropping Hank Williams Jr's oh-so-fresh "All my rowdy friends are coming over tonight" from Monday Night Football.  Junior apparently compared Obama to Hitler and made some other dumb-ass comments on Fox News (Gasp, shock, Fox News).

We spoke to a made-up ESPN executive earlier today for comments.

"We at ESPN are shocked to learn that Hank Williams Jr. does not support our politically correct agenda.  We would have thought that the man who sang "A Boy Named Sue", the theme song of transgenders everywhere, would be a bit more sensitive to the trouble facing our nation."  (editor's note.  "A Boy Named Sue" is actually a Johnny Cash song and is more about kicking ass than anything else.)

Neither Hank Jr, or the mountain that he did a face-plant off of could be reached for comment.

Now, if we could just get Faith Hill to say something stupid, we could get the Sunday night games started earlier too.

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