Thursday, October 20, 2011

John L Sullivan Whiskey

This is a nice entry level Irish whiskey that is not named Bushmill's or Jameson's.  It is aged in Bourbon Barrels, that are only used for their whiskey for once.  It is pretty tasty and some of the bourbon flavor comes through under the standard barley flavor of an Irish Whiskey.

The whiskey is named after an Irish-American ass-kicker.  He was the last bare knuckle boxing champion in history, and since he didn't retire, the first gloved champion.  His last fight bare-knuckled fight, which is on the label lasted 75 rounds, after 77, they go to the judges' score cards.
I really wanted to add a joke about him beating up on
Leonardo DiCaprio, but I couldn't find a good image.
You have to admit, that his hat and mustache must have
been reincarnated for Gangs of New York.

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