Saturday, October 1, 2011

They really need to start selling alcohol at OSU Games

  • It was a beautiful sight at halftime today to see all of the other teams at Ohio State come out and thank the football program for funding their crappy little sports.  Unfortunately, the football team didn't show up to say you're welcome.
  • I think that in order to fix our offense, we have to start breaking tendencies, right now, we tend to suck.
  • Freshman Braxton Miller got beaten like a pinata today.  The Campus Police filed charges of child endangerment in the second quarter.  Later on, they put in Joe Bauserman and charges of abusing the elderly were added.
  • I'm looking forward to taking back all of the bad things that I've said about Urban Meyer on this blog.
  • Speaking of assholes, Terrell Pryor was a much better qb than he ever got credit for in these parts.
  • Speaking of assholes, ditto for Tressel as a coach.

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