Monday, November 30, 2009

Two Parts Wry Observations NFL Week 12: What's really wrong with the Steelers

It's simple.  With the exception of the Vikings game, the defense wilts when the pressure is highest.  It doesn't matter what you did during the rest of the game, if you repeatedly blow 4th quarter leads, you're bad.  James Farrior should be forced to stand in the parking lot during passing downs.  This does not excuse the bad turnovers and shoddy special teams play.  But when you have the lead, you gotta hold it. 

Do you remember all of the games that the Steelers have pulled out of their ass the last few years? The rest of the league is having a good time shoving them back in.


In other news:

  • Sounds like Tiger Woods' wife whipped his ass for adultery.
  • I flipped to the Rock & Roll hall of fame concert a few times during commercials. I think that celebrity death pools are in poor taste. Having said that, take Art Garfunkel, Graham Nash, and Bonnie Raitt. Stevie Wonder probably won't be far behind. The sad thing is, he'll never see it coming.
  • Tim Tebow has already come back from the dead this season. Tune into the BCS Championship game this January to watch him ascend bodily into heaven.
  • Somehow I missed this one during my vacation last month. Check out the dude with whom former ESPN analyst and famed Mets killer cheated on his wife.

Since I'm going wrong this week, I decided to go way wrong.

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