Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Napa Smith Wheat Beer

Web Stuff: 

The Napa Smith Brewing Company story is about the love of life.  It is in no way a story about trying to make money.

Life is meant to be experienced to the fullest, and that means the constant search for new and better things: whether it is the perfect wave, a newly discovered forest, a secret trout stream, a Montana sunset, blumpkins, or whatever you want it to be. It is about having great meals with good friends, and having a party. It is about having fun.

The Smith family loves life. We decided that what the world really needed was a great beer that makes food taste better. A beer that you can be proud to serve at dinner with friends and family.  Wow, what an original idea.  You know what else the world needs that no-one else has thought of before, bread, but not a loaf.  Let's cut the bread into thin flat pieces.  We'll call it sliced bread!  Call the patent office!

We set out to make a beer that paired well with all food types. We asked ourselves the age old question, "What wine do you serve with shrimp?" Sauvignon blanc.  Are you from Napa California or NAPA auto parts? and came up with the answer. "You don't serve wine with shrimp; you serve BEER with shrimp, because it tastes great with them." So we got to thinking that we should make beers that not only taste great all by themselves, but go with a variety of foods as well. We also believe in cooking with beer, just like wines offer flavors and textures to sauces, beer can do the same thing.


We hope that you will try our beers and enjoy them as we do. Please remember, always drink responsibly, and let moderation be your guide.

Actually, I'm reviewing this beer, because I think it's a great one for getting hammered.

Alcohol:  4.6%
How does it taste?  It's a nice session beer.  There's nothing complex about it.  It just tastes good.  It's very poundable.
Cost: $9.99 6/pack
Grade: B
Cost Adjusted Grade: B


  1. I love the blumpkin comment...hopefully the blumpkins deliver this weekend.

  2. The Bensbury Doughboys are rolling.