Sunday, November 22, 2009

Two Parts Wry Observation NFL Week 11: I'm so pissed I can't come up with a clever name

Let's review our options.
  1. Choking dogs
  2. Are you kidding me?
  3. Are you effing kidding me?
  4. Seriously, are you effing kidding me?
  5. We should probably go with with....


"Are you effing kidding me?" wins.

I would also like to think CBS for only bringing one camera to the game.  It would have been nice to see a replay of at least one penalty.

Update: I left the bar mad because the steelers are bad. 
Go ahead and call me a hater.  I feel good cause Cinci choked to the Raiders. 
Went to bed thinking that the Brownies win was scary.  Didn't know that they interfered on the hail mary.

Oooh wee what up with that that!

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