Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kopke Fine Dry White Port

Wine lesson. Port is a fortified wine. A fortified wine is a wine that has had a spirit added to it before fermentation is complete. Therefore, it is sweet, and it has a kick. Most ports are sweet and thick. This one is a dry port. It has a bit of a sour apple flavor. It reminds a bit of dry vermouth. This makes sense, since vermouth is a fortified white wine as well.

I feel compelled to make a dry Manhattan.  Can’t say that I care for it. Add some sweet vermouth and it became a perfect Manhattan. Perfect means that it has both dry and sweet vermouth and is not a comment on the drink's virtues. Having gone through all of this, I recommend just drinking it straight. It’s a pleasant after dinner sip.

Cost: $19.99
Grade: B

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