Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What in the world is... Lochan Ora

Some bottles are purchased. Others are found. This is a found bottle.

After her grandparents had passed, my wife helped clean up the house, and found three nice treasures. A flask, an unopened Iron City beer can featuring Chuck Noll and The Chief, and a bottle of Lochan Ora.

What in the world is Lochan Ora?

It's a scotch based liqueur and not the kind of thing you would expect in their house. I was only lucky enough to know her grandfather for a few years. The fridge always had a supply of Busch Lite. He wasn't fancy, but he never went thirsty.

We have a bottle with a mystery, and we probably will never know the whole truth. There are different theories about this bottle. My wife thinks that Evelyn (her grandmother) hid it away from Wilbur (her grandfther). The thing is, someone clearly drank a shot, and only one shot from the bottle.

My theory is that Wilbur took one drink of this honey flavored, super sweet liqueur, made a face, grabbed a beer, and put it on the back of the shelf, where it could be forgotten.

Whether he liked it or not, it makes you think and reminisce a bit. Nothing wrong with that.

What does it taste like? Honey, with a slight Scotchy, almost cola flavor. It's good in small doses.

Grade: B

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