Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tales from the top shelf: Gran Centenario Rosangel

Label stuff: Reposada (which means that it has been aged 2-11 months in a barrel) 100% de Agave. Hibiscus Infused.

It's a peachy pink looking tequila.
Web stuff: Rosangel is made from the world's most awarded Grand Centanario Reposada Tequila. That is like saying, Budweiser is the most awarded product from Annheiser-Busch. Mellowed to two months in port barrels and then infused with the subtly sweet flavor of hand-picked hibiscus flowers, the liquid takes on a sunset-pink hue aka peachy-pink that is distinctive and sophisticated. Sophisticated = girly. Enjoy sipping it on the rocks, as a shot, or explore it's versatility in a wide range of popular and niche cocktails.

Tasting notes: Rosangel yields a complex, perfumed nose with ripe fruit and floral notes I smell tequila, plus hints of vanilla no, just oak. The palate holds flavors of dried fruit nope, which leads to a smooth and gentle finish.

How does it really taste? Like a slightly sweet tequila. It is smooth. Not sure what a hibiscus tastes like. Probably not sweet, unless you are a bee or hummingbird.

Cost: $36.08
Grade: B+
Cost Adjusted Grade: B-

See, it's peachy pink!

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