Sunday, September 13, 2009

Two Parts Wry Observations: You play to win the game.

I waited 20 or so hours to do this post. Playing to win the game doesn't mean that you always go for the dangerous call. It means that you play smart. You don't let 20 seconds run off in the last 2 minutes before you call time-out. You let your rocket leg kicker try the 50 yard field-goal, and you run out the clock in the first half because your defense has been on the field for 12 minutes in the quarter. Also, you don't call plays like a 4 year old girl afraid that there is a monster under the bed when you have the lead. Also also, our QB is 6'6". Can we run a fucking QB sneak on 3rd and 1, or are we gonna avoid it for 3 more years because he fumbled against Penn State last year. (It's a good thing that I waited until I was no longer angry.)

The worst part was that as I was leaving, I had to listen to some 11 year old kid talk about how our coach needs to be fired. I was not in the mood to hear from a kid, who's balls have not dropped, bitch about the game. I told him that Tressel would still be here when he's old enough to go to OSU. His 120 pound dad took exception and asked me what I said. And I repeated that Tressel would still be yadda yadda yadda. Listening to idiots after a home loss makes it so much worse.

I still like Tress, but Pete Carroll plays to win, and Tress plays not to lose. His offensive play calls are so bad, that people here are calling for Walt Harris to come back and be our offensive coordinator. Let's keep in mind, that Dave Wanstedt has proven to be a better head coach at Pitt than Walt Harris.

In spite of the last minute loss and my overall bitterness about it, I had a blast. Went to my buddy Chris's tailgate, drank a lot. Saw some poor girl puke 1 hour before the game started. Nice reminder of how no matter how great college was, it's better to be an adult.

The stadium has never been louder. I lost my voice by the start of the second quarter. I sat next to an ex-player who was on the team when I was in college. I know that he was a receiver, first name Bernard. With the help of the internet, I'm 90% sure that he was Bernard Edwards (Hope that I'm right, it's hard to find rosters from 88-91.) Update, my benefactor, aka Sue has confirmed that I sat next to Bernard Edwards, WR, from The Ohio State University. Hell of a nice guy. I mean, really nice guy. Likes to throw the one armed hug around you when the Bucks make a great play. Hurts just a little when you are half his size.

I've never been this tired after watching a football game. It's ridiculous to say that you gave your all as a fan, but 106K tried to pull the upset. Here's the recipe for a cocktail called the Ohio State Redeye. A foo-foo drink that I will never try, but I gotta keep it boozy.

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