Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Two Parts Wry Observations: There are two times of the year.

Football season, and waiting for football season.

This post is going to be all over the place. Plus, I can't believe that it took me three months to come up with Two Parts Wry.

The good ole Buckeyes are probably going to get smacked around by USC again this Saturday night. What better way to dull the pain then by playing the Brent Musberger drinking game. Some rules will have to be updated, such as "Gary my man", will be replaced "Herbie my man." I went to the OSU vs Navy game with my friend World-Wide-Kev last weekend. After watching that near debacle, I'm feeling good about staying home on Saturday night.

UPDATE! I felt good about staying home on Saturday night until I was offered a ticket. Thank you Sue. There has been one thing missing from these heart-breaking big game ass-kickings. Me. I was planning on keeping track of how many drinks someone would have to take playing the Brent game. There's always OSU v PSU.

In the "eww-gross but I would still try it" category, read this. Sake used to be made the same way, but now they use a mold spore to break down the starches. I'm more interested in this quote. "The last thing we want is some guy who came in from Ohio sitting there with his $18 crab cakes, sees a bunch of adults spitting in their hands." This guy from Ohio is more worried about what kind of New England chowder-head charges $18 for a fucking crab cake?

My fantasy football draft was last week. My team is the San-toke-io's, named after Super Bowl MVP, OSU alum, Santonio "fits the description" Holmes. I did not have a 4:20tini during the draft. I managed to grab the team's name-sake in the 6th round. Throw in Chad Ochocinco in the 5th round, Chris "Pussy", I mean "Beanie" Wells in the 4th, and Brett Favre in the 15th, I got myself a veritable Island of Misfit Toys.

Managed to work drinking into each topic. Not too shabby.

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