Monday, September 21, 2009

Two Parts Wry Observations: NFL Week 2, NCAA Week 3

Not so random football thoughts from the weekend.

For all the buckeye fans that enjoyed seeing USC lose to Washington. That makes OSU look worse not better.

I wanted to wait until after the Steelers-Bears game before I posted this, didn't want to jinx the Stillers. How did that work out? Lesson learned. Talk smack no matter what.

Separated at birth?

Lovie Smith done told me. Tyrone Carter can't cover.

Apparently bong resin is water soluble. Once the rains fell, San-Toke-io became San-Drop-io. The 10 days between the week one and two games would have been better spent NOT taking receiving lessons from Braylon Edwards.

The other theory is that Buckeye-Hatin'-Chris jinxed him when he said that "Holmes Catches Everything!" Next play. Drop.

The Tennessee Titans fans that I know are too polite to say this: "How the fuck are we 0-2?"
On the other hand, Denver Bronco fans are definitely saying: "How the fuck are we 2-0?"

Tom Brady isn't looking so hot without the other teams playbook. This observation is brought to you by Joel-needs-a-better-nickname. Wait a sec: Joel-Needs-Anonmyous-Designation. J-Nad. Shouldn't have asked me if I'm still blogging.

Normally clutch kicker Jeff Reed Sheetz'd his pants in the fourth quarter of the Steelers-Bears Game.

Got this cocktail recipe of the week from Mondesi's House, who got it from Twitter.

A Jeff Reed. 1 shot vodka. Pour it out. Now drink what's left in the bottle.


  1. Here's a fact...
    A player that is coming "on" to the scene should be hated by me. If I start "fawning and fanning" over a newb, he'll suck. Damn, I suck.


  2. I'm not saying that you jinxed him. I'm just saying that he never dropped anything until you said that "He never drops anything!"