Friday, October 26, 2012

Tuthilltown Hudson Manhattan Rye

It's the second part of our 5 New Rye Whiskey series.  By new, I mean new to me.  I have to admit that I am quite happy that the Tuthilltown whiskey's have made their way to Ohio.  I have been wanting to try them for several years.

It's pretty good.  It has a leathery flavor to it that reminds me of something from Woodford Master Distiller's collection.  There is also some nice spiciness.  It works quite well in a Manhattan.  Shame that I just killed the bottle, but it is tiny.

That's the problem. $45 for a half bottle is too much.  I still try on planning their four grain bourbon in the near future because I'm a glutton for financial punishment.  Whiskey is still cheaper than a coke habit.  (or so I assume)  I recommend it for those who have to try everything, like me.  If you are looking for bang for the buck.  Pass.

A month or so ago, a fellow blogger, @skurecenteats heard back from a disgruntled distiller who didn't like his review because he called the product too young, which is frankly a common problem with craft spirits.  In the understandable need to get to market, they release it young, and often use small barrels to speed up the aging process.  The hipsters don't know better and gobble it up.

If you are going to make a GREAT whiskey, in addition to a great mash and quality control, you need evaporation to concentrate the spirit.  Finishing in used barrels is also a great and proven technique for coming up with something new.

Anyway, to paraphrase the argument.

Distiller: What if I told people that your writing sucks?
SKU:  That's ok, because I didn't charge you $50 to read it.

There's the rub folks.  And burn.

Does anyone know if it is pronounced tut-hill-town? or tuth-ill-town?  or tuttle-town?

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