Saturday, May 1, 2010

Wry World Of Sports: Mint Julep Time

I love the Kentucky Derby.  It's not that I love horse racing, though I do like it.  How many sporting events have an "Official" cocktail?  The Derby has the mint julep.

Most people don't like the drink, and I can't blame them.  Typically you are given a glass of cheap bourbon and mint leaves.  Tastes like watered down cheap bourbon and grass.  Yummm.

Jim's Mint Julep is another beast.  Last night I made some mint syrup.  Which is as easy as boiling water.  It's what separates my cocktail from the riff-raff in the infield.
  • Boil equal parts sugar and water with fresh mint until the sugar dissolves.  Let it cool and refrigerate for at least 8 hours. 
  • Mix syrup and bourbon in whatever portion you like.  I prever 3 shots of bourbon to 1 shot of syrup.
  • Add ice and stir.
  • Garnish with mint.  Take a picture for your blog.  Throw away the garnish.
Race Prediction:  In a "weak" field like this, bet on the jockey.
  1. Super Saver for the win.  (Calvin Borel)
  2. Paddy O'Prado to place (Ken Desormeaux)
  3. Devil May Care to show (John Velazquez) 
Update!  I called the winner and my place horse ended up showing.  That's why I never bet the trifecta.

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