Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What in the world is... Vilmoskörte Pálinka?

Hungarian Pear Brandy

My friend Sue brought a small bottle back from a vacation and gave it to me as a birthday present. Very thoughtful.

What does it taste like? Like a cheap grappa, with a hint of pear.

Is that a good thing? No. But I know a grappa drinker who needs to try it.

Are you still friends? Of course. It's something different and is much appreciated. I spoke to her about it and she thinks that it's pretty rough too.

Anything else? It packs quite a punch at 100 proof.

Grade: C-
Birthday Present Grade: A


  1. This stuff sounds like a pear brandy that was given to us by a friend. Made by the Koenig distillery in Caldwell, Idaho; it is 84 proof and made from the Williams pear. Ours has a definite resemblance to grappa, although one of a high quality. It is very smooth - maybe the lower alcohol content allows the pear to show its good side. The finish is excellent, with the pear becoming more pronounced and sweeter within a few seconds after tasting. I highly recommend the Koenig's to anyone who enjoys tasting varieties of quality adult beverages.

  2. Another good distillery for eau de vie is Clear Creek in Oregon. I have had their muscat grappa, which has a orangish flavor, and their pinot grigio grappa, which is very raisiny. Don't let the fruit flavor descriptions fool you. They are potent.