Monday, August 17, 2009

Rogue Somer Orange Honey Ale

I've been wanting to try this one for a while. We're still in our summer heatwave.

Web Stuff:
Style: Wheat
Food Pairing: Poultry, Spicy Only eat with spicy food if you do not want to taste the beer.
Tasting Notes: This unfiltered beer has flavors of orange and honey with a nice medium-sweet malt character.

Specs:13º PLATO
10 IBU
79 AA
3.5º Lovibond Do you expect me to talk? No, Mister Lovibond. I expect you to die!

11 Ingredients:
Malts: Northwest 2-row, Wheat
Specialty:Oregon Wildflower Honey,Sweet Orange Peel, Oats, Chamomile, Coriander
Hops: Crystal & Rogue Farms Willamette.
Yeast & Water: Rogue’ s Top Fermenting Pacman Yeast from Hood River & Free Range Coastal Water.
Somer Orange Honey Ale is new to Rogue’s award-winning brews bringing with it an easy, year round drinkability. It’s unique recipe includes sweet orange peel and Oregon-indigenous Wildflower Honey from Wild Harvest Honey in Blodgett, OR, a mere 35 miles away from the Rogue Brewery in Newport, OR. This unfiltered beer is medium bodied with no harsh bitterness, it has flavors of orange and honey with a nice medium-sweet malt character. Featured on the bottle is Somer Gorder, a life-long Rogue with a non-conformist attitude and an insatiable appetite for adventure and risk. A true ambassador of Rogue. Somer Orange Honey Ale is dedicated to the Rogues who are about to discover that they are Rogues and change how they see the world. Alas, I see that we've lowered the bar on Rogue qualifications, in that, all you need is a diseased liver, a taste for overpriced beer, and a nice rack? What happened to a devil-may-care attitude with a heart of gold?

While 16 oz curls will tone your biceps. Don't forget to get out in the sun. Here we have Somer, who is suffering from a Vitamin D deficiency.

How about this joke?

SPF 5000 anyone?


Sadly, at the time of his death, Michael Jackson was only two more operations away from achieving the look (pictured above) that he had always wanted.

Too Soon?

I'm sure that she is quite nice, attractive, and only slightly resembles a mannequin in real life.
How is it? It's a nice session beer, but it's a tad overpriced for a session beer. I expect more from the big bottles. No real hints of orange or honey.
Price: $5.49 for 20 oz.
Grade: B-
Cost Adjust Grade: C

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